Kendrick Lamar in ESPN

Posted on March 05, 2014 by Sasha Goldstien

We're stoked to see Kendrick Lamar rocking our gold Kusari in the latest issue of ESPN magazine! Keep it up Kendrick!

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Style: Neuw Denim & the Vintage Revision

Posted on February 26, 2014 by Sasha Goldstien

We aim to create our jeans like our favourite bands create their music.

Right about now, we are wondering why Australia happens to have such a monopoly on awesome men's fashion brands. In fact, we're beginning to lose count of them all. One such brand that we've been particularly obsessed with of recent is Australian denim line Neuw Denim.

Pär Lundqvist began Neuw Denim in Brussels after he met with great success selling tailored, altered, old vintage pieces from his personal denim collection. Here, he dreamed up the idea of 'vintage revision,' a design philosophy under which traditional and vintage silhouettes are adapted for a contemporary look, with features inspired by the old, well-worn jeans of an obsessive collector. With this idea in place, Lundqvist (along with co-founders Richard Bell and Stephen Little) began to create a modern denim brand, addressing a gap that he and his cofounders believed was waiting to be filled: jeans for the contemporary 1950's counter-culture rebel.

Today, Neuw is a glaring success, producing an incredibly rad line of classic vintage denim, twisted and altered to embrace the modern man.

The gentlemen at Neuw are driven by a "burning passion" for denim, just as we are driven by our passion for accessories. Go check them out at

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What's Rad: Mark McMorris

Posted on February 26, 2014 by Sasha Goldstien

Canada's first medalist in the Sochi Olympic Games this year happened to be a personal favourite of ours: snowboarder Mark McMorris. McMorris tore it up for Canada in Men's Slopestyle on Thursday, February 6th on a course that many claimed was a suicidal death run.

And we couldn't be prouder. Young McMorris took home a bronze for Canada, standing next to snowboarding legends Stale Sandbech and Sage Kotsenburg on the podium. Of course... McMorris was wearing our Amici ring to commemorate the occasion, and looking extra dapper because of it.

Check out the video of McMorris's insane medal-winning run (especially that final 1440) below.

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Posted on December 10, 2013 by Sasha Goldstien

We think Zanerobe is one of the coolest Aussie brands out there. While these hard-working, hard-partying guys design their ever-growing line of progressive, street-style influenced menswear from their home in Sydney, they retail (and party) all over the world. As legend has it, the brand started out as over a bet between two founders, Leith Testoni and Jonathan Yeo over who could design a better shirt. Now they're making everything from leather jackets to swim trunks.

Zanerobe's designs take risks and try to push the limits of what's acceptable in men's fashion — and we're gobbling it up.

We also think their basic tees look amazing with our new stainless steel pendants.

Check out Zanerobe here.


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Bailey Seager: The Youngest Shred

Posted on December 10, 2013 by Sasha Goldstien

At 12 years old, Bailey Seager is the youngest, and newest Vitaly conscript — because we think talent and style don't have an age. When this kid isn't shredding the GTA, he's at home watching TMNT and obsessing over the latest Creature films. We asked him a few questions, because we were curious about what makes this kid tick.

Age: 12

Skating for: 6 Years

Setup: 8.25" Chance w/ Indies Suspect wheels & Reds bearings

Go-To Snack Food: Bananas 

Sponsors: Ampersand Co. Suspect, Chance, Vitaly, Urban Alley

Dream Trip: Tokyo 

Favourite Ninja Turtle: Orange Michelagalo  

Favourite Skater: David Gravette from Creature's team


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