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Posted on January 20, 2013 by Shane Foran

Jason and I had the pleasure of meeting this SRD (super rad dude) while working on a brand video in Bali a few weeks back and knew immediately that we had to get him on the Friends section. Not only is he an SRD, but also an amazing surfer, professional party-animal, and as of recently (congrats Nathan!), a TV producer. This guy is crushing life, and doing it with way too much style. Rather than trying to tell you what makes this guy so wicked and inspirational though, I'm going to share something he shared with me:


"Like a punch it hit me right on the nose, making my eyes well up with tears - uncharacteristically I panicked. Where had my life gone? Is this adulthood? What the hell am I doing with my life and how long do I have left? 

I was 14 and at football training back home in Western Australia where the waves are big and blue, and the roads are long and surrounded by desert red plains. A good friend of mine, also 14, had just made a joke about the 8 year olds that were learning to kick. 'They were the good old days!' he said... And I crapped my pants. Thankfully my coach pointed out that my hissy fit was about 90 years premature. I'm thankful that he let me swim in my own stupidity for a minute before saving me though. It taught me that these, THESE ARE THE GOOD OLD DAYS

No matter where you are at in your life, there will come a time when this is just a moment to reflect on. It's a challenge as much as anything else and thats what brought me to Shane and Jason of Vitaly. We met over a Bintang, the local beer on the island of Bali in Indonesia. The island I have called home for the last four years is also the island where much of the Vitaly range is hand crafted. We were introduced by a very good mutual friend, Kari and we all hit it off... This is my life - present day. Meeting people... making friends... beautiful girls... and guys that you want to chase beautiful girls with. 

See, I party for a living. Not like Paris Hilton gets paid to stand in front of a set of decks in South America while someone presses play on a pre recorded set for her. No, my life is way more fun. I talk way too much and people mistake it as a talent for telling stories so I get taken to parties to tell stories. I do dumb things such as getting chased by a tiger in the jungles of Sumatra and people confuse that with being brave and adventurous, so people ask me to take them on adventures. Whether it's a night out partying or a boat trip around Boracay in the Phillipines, it is always an adventure. People come to me for the exact reason that I seek them out. People come to me because everyone has something inside of them that screams 'make the most of now'. My passion, that some people mislabel as a talent, is to help people do just that. 

As soon as I press send on this email, addressed to Shane so that he may post it for you all to see, I will get back on my way, looking. I will be looking for an adventure... I will be looking for wild nights... I will be looking for music that makes my feet move and shots that burn the back of my throat. I will be looking for fun. And I will be looking for anyone else that is looking for those things. I will be looking for you.

Cheers to mates..."
- - - Nathan Johnson


Enough said!

- - -Shane Vitaly


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