In order to keep the organic feel and aesthetic of the wood, we choose not to use epoxies, veneers or any other chemicals to seal it. Think of the wood in your Vitaly piece like the support beam in a cottage – with time it may show small imperfections, but it still looks better as it ages. We think these imperfections give wood its unique character, which is one of the many reasons we love to work with the material.

To help avoid these small signs of time…

·      Don’t put it through the washing machine or jump in a pool with it. Avoid getting it wet, basically.

·      Try to avoid quick and extreme temperature changes. This causes the wood to expand and contract and can result in imperfections over time.

·      Your Vitaly piece is not a brass knuckle – please don’t punch anyone with it. You could break your ring (and hand).

·      Buy a bottle opener from a dollar store – don’t use your ring (you might be surprised how many people do this). 

Although we love the look of aged wood, we understand that some prefer a flawless aesthetic. Our ceramic line will never crack or wear – to check it out, click here.

Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns (or just to say hi) at info@vitalydesign.com