“For me, Vitaly has always belonged inside of the club. For the first few years that the brand existed, everything we did—both personally and professionally—centred around club music. At sweat-soaked afterhours, our founder Shane would give strangers the rings off his own fingers if they complimented his jewelry. In this organic way, Vitaly spread through our city and beyond. These formative years shaped us not only as a brand, but as people. Inspired by the long, rich history of clubwear and club aesthetics, the BPM collection occupies a special place for all of us at Vitaly. It is a return to the dancefloor, where it all began.” — Zack Vitiello, creative director


















Host Rave:
Pep Rally
Creative Direction: Zack Vitiello, Primera Ng, Scott Mc Donald
Photography: Kirk Lisaj
Campaign Film: Rayul
Photo Assistant: Chinelo Yasin
Nightvision: Bryan Lockyer
Production: Scott Mc Donald, Jacob Skonieczny
Production Assistants: Aliya Grassia, Gregory Eadie, Tamica Lewis-Vu
Behind the Scenes: Natalie Rose, Kayleigh Gray

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Special Thanks: Karim Olen Ash + Chippy Nonstop